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Working collegially with the host railroad:

My experience with Union Pacific
on the Capitol Corridor


About the Video

Our topic is one of the most persistent and vexing issues in American passenger railroading -- how to have a productive and collaborative relationship with the freight railroads that host our passenger trains. Our speaker went from citizen rail activist to manager of one of the nation's most successful and high-growth passenger lines -- the Capitol Corridor from San Jose to Sacramento, California. He is known for his success working with owner Union Pacific to expand passenger service and maintain high performance on the route. 


About Gene Skoropowski

 Gene Skoropowski was a protégé of Amtrak's seventh president, David Gunn,  working with Gunn at MBTA and SEPTA. He went on to lead the Florida Overland Express project, which was killed by Governor Jeb Bush. Gene then spent ten years as Managing Director of the Capitol Corridor (San Jose-Sacramento) Joint Powers Authority, where he increased the number of daily round trips from six to sixteen while maintaining reliable performance. Capitols ridership in 2017 was 1.6 million. Gene moved to Florida in 2009 where he led the organization and startup of Brightline Express. (Watch his presentation on Brightline here. )



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