Read Ditmeyer's analysis of how railroads can better achieve Precision Scheduled Railroading

using data and communications capabilities provided by Positive Train Control


 Steve Ditmeyer, a rail industry leader and recent addition to VRPI's roster of authoritative Fellows, has given many interviews and authored numerous articles and presentations on the topic of how the railroad industry can leverage its investments in Positive Train Control (PTC) to streamline operations to better achieve its objectives for Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR). We provide the following selection of his publications on the topic for your information. 

TRAINS Industry Newsletter Interview 

This recent interview was published in the online Industry Newsletter of Trains Magazine on January 6, 2020.

"Q: As a longtime participant with and observer of railroads, what is your opinion of the state of the overall industry?

"A: The railroads are quite profitable these days. Most of the big ones have adopted Precision Scheduled Railroading, which in my view is neither precision nor scheduled." Read More....

Railway Age Article

Steve Ditmeyer wrote this article, PSR and PTC: Could They, Should They, Must They Coexist? for Railway Age on October 20, 2019. The article is based on his October 8 presentation at the Conference of the Washington Area Railway Engineering Society.

"The railroad and Federal Railroad Administration people who worked on PTC defined it as a safety-only, non-vital overlay of the wayside signal systems. The Association of American Railroads defines the fundamentals of Precision Scheduled Railroading as “reducing the number of handlings of freight cars and containers. Every time equipment is handled, it stops, and when it is stopped, it is not being productive. Facilities are needed to store equipment when it stops, and it costs everybody money when freight cars are not being moved. PSR will reduce the handlings and produce a network that can move with more fluidity, and that has some predictability.”

"I am defining NextGen Train Control as focusing on improving the safety of PTC and increasing the efficiency, economic viability and financial success of railroads well beyond the little that is achieved with current PTC systems.

"What must railroads do to their PTC systems to achieve NextGen Train Control, to improve both safety and efficiency? They must:..."


Powerpoint Presentation

VRPI was proud to sponsor Steve Ditmeyer as a featured speaker at the November 13, 2019 Rail Workshop hosted by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation. Steve presented his powerpoiint, "Precision Scheduled Railroading and Positive Train Control: How they Relate to One Another" at the workshop. It fills in many of the details of his analysis and can be viewed by clicking the image below.