Dick Beadles is the Founder and Member of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Rail Policy Institute. A former President of the RF&P Railroad, Dick has more than fifty years experience in transportation and land planning, development and asset management with both the RF&P and CSX Railroads. Dick Beadles

For five years, between 2009 and 2013, Dick delighted and informed his many friends in the rail community with his semi-monthly "Observations and Commentary" on the state of rail in Virginia and the nation. Distributed by e-mail, these one-page commentaries introduced many of his readers to the defining policy issues shaping the future of both freight and passenger rail in America.

Although Dick published his last "Rail O & C" in December, 2013, most of the articles are still germane, and there is much to be learned from them.

VRPI is pleased to offer as a public resource, the entire series of Dick Beadles' commentaries from 2009 to 2013, listed by month, year and title in the table below.

Title Date

Dick Beadles' Rail Observations and Commentary, 2010-2013

  VA Transportation: Sailing Ships to Spaceport (read) 12/13
  Transportation Safety in Perspective (read) 12/13
  Has Rail Solution Got the Solution? (read) 11/13
  Paying the Piper with Recycled Ideas (read) 11/13
  Amtrak: Still a Three-Legged Stool! (read) 10/13
  Railroads to Shippers: That's Tough! (read) 10/13
  The Budget, Defense and High Speed Rail (read) 09/13
  Uncle Sam, Sugar Daddy (read) 09/13
  The Alberta Switcher and Wall Street (read) 08/13
  DRPT's Draft Virginia Rail Plan (read) 08/13
  Will Lac-Magantic by Railroading's 9/11? (read) 07/13
  Up in Smoke! (read) 07/13
  Tired of the Same Old Congressional Antics! (read) 06/13
  The Trucks Did It!!!  (read) 06/13
  Weak Links in Virginia Transportation System (read) 05/13
  Indispensible VA Rails: 183 Years and Counting (read) 05/13
  Obama, FAA and the Portsmouth Yardmaster (read) 04/13
  Virginia's Stake in the Northeast Rail Corridor II (read) 04/13
  Rails: Current Favorites of Wall Street (read) 03/13
  The View from New Jersey Turnpike (read) 03/13
  Amazing Virginia Rail Funding Development! (read) 02/13
  VRE: Two Decades of Growth (read) 02/13
  Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Train Technology, etc. (read) 01/13
  Lessons Learned from the Great Recession (read) 01/13
  That Day the Angels Sang for Virginia Rail (read) 12/12
  Public Safety, Transportation, and Rail (read) 12/12
  Thanksgiving Travel Reflections (read) 11/12
  Virginia: Harry Byrd would be Amazed! (read) 11/12
  Election Campaign "Whistle Stop" Trains (read) 10/12
  Virginia Gubernatorial Privatization Schemes (read) 10/12
  PPT Act Deals: Virginia Port Privatization (read) 09/12
  Structural Change and Consequences (read) 09/12
  An Intolerable Situation in Need of Attention (read) 08/12
  Figuring Out What Cards are in Other hands (read) 08/12
  Highway User "Entitlements" - Rail Impact (read) 07/12
  Eastern Virginia's Rail Infrastructure Deficit (read) 07/12
  New "Oil Trains," Old Oil Trains: Lessons Worth Learning (read) 06/12
  The Receding Footprint of Urban Freight Rail (read) 06/12
  The Transportation Marketplace: How Free? (read) 05/12
  Preserving Rail Options in Southside VA (read) 05/12
  Making the Most of Amtrak VA Service (read) 04/12
  Coal: Has Freight Rail's Kodak Moment Come? (read) 04/12
  The Egyptian Army, "Yes!" Amtrak, ??? (read) 03/12
  Rail Stats: Leading Indicators of What? (read) 03/12
  $4.00 Gas: Where are the Rails? (read) 02/12
  Virginia's Rail Policy: Investment Than and Now (read) 02/12
  The Future of Southwest VA Coalfields RR? (read) 01/12
  Virginia's Rail Policy: Then, Now and Future (read) 01/12
  Santa: More Planes than Trains. Why? (read) 12/11
  Rail Outlook? Good and Bad News! (read) 12/11
  VA Amtrak Travel Exceeds Capacity (read) 11/11
  Transportation Funding Challenges (read) 11/11
  Entitlements: Social and Transportation (read) 10/11
  Opportunity Knocks for Freight Rail (read) 10/11
  Earthquake, Wind and Flood (read) 09/11
  Railroads and the U.S. Mail (read) 09/11
  Transportation and Tea Party Politics - I (read) 08/11
  Transportation and Tea Party Politics - II (read) 08/11
  Bikes, Buses, Trains and Planes (read) 07/11
  The Poughkeepsie Bridge and Rail Prosperity (read) 07/11
  Virginia's Stake in the Northeast Corridor (read) 06/11
  Taking the Trash Out - By the Trainload (read) 06/11
  Petersburg, Roanoke River, and DC (read) 05/11
  Why Railroads are so "Difficult" (read) 05/11
  VA HSR: Fog, Bluster and Posturing? (read) 04/11
  "World Class" Rail on a Single Track? (read) 04/11
  Transportation Fantasy Land (read) 03/11
  Ports, Ships, Trains and Tracks (read) 03/11
  A Vision of Trains and Windmills? (read) 02/11
  Wall Street Be Damned (read) 02/11
  Good Intentions -  Bad Policy? (read) 01/11
  No Free Ride in Transportation (read) 01/11
  If we are Serious about Rail (read) 12/10
  Bigger Trucks, Smaller Autos (read) 12/10
  Giving Thanks for Amtrak (read) 11/10
  Election Implications for Rail (read) 11/10
  A Tale of Three Rail Tunnels (read) 10/10
  The Consequences of Rail Deregulation (read) 10/10
  Needed: Rail IM Net On-and-Off Ramps (read) 09/10
  Can Rail Make a Dent in Trucking? (read) 09/10
  Rail Labor and "Productivity" (read) 08/10
  Those Freight Railroad TV Commercials (read) 08/10
  Ghost of Train Nos. 10 and 29 (read) 07/10
  A Final Round of Big RR Mergers (read) 07/10
  Department of Defense Use of Rail (read) 06/10
  Redundancy: It's Necessary (read) 06/10
  Arbor Days on Mainline RRs (read) 05/10
  Rails to Raleigh, the North Carolina Way (read) 05/10
  Mining Rail Nuggets from Annual Reports (read) 04/10
  Virginia's Remarkable Rail Turnaround (read) 04/10
  Industrial Sprawl and Rusty Rails (read) 03/10
  Warren Buffet, Railroads and Virginia (read) 03/10
  The Practical Limits of Productivity (read) 02/10
  Virginia Population, Jobs and Rail Freight (read) 02/10
  A Plan for Hampton Roads Rail (read) 01/10
  Facing Domestic Transport Realities (read) 01/10
  A Christmas Train Puzzle (read) 12/09
  Rail Improvement Stocking Stuffers (read) 12/09
  A Timely Convergence of Events (read) 11/09
  Rail in a Changing Virginia (read) 11/09
  Rail Freight Reconsidered (read) 10/09
  New Lynchburg Service (read) 10/09
  Main Street Station (read) 09/09
  Fixing Richmond Terminal (read) 09/09
  Public/Private Partnerships - Railroads, Part I (read) 08/09
  Public/Private Partnerships - Railroads, Part II (read) 08/09
  "Train Wreck(s)" and Transport Safety (read) 07/09
  Railroad Re-regulatin, Part II (read) 07/09
  Railroad Re-regulation, Part I (read) 06/09
  Port of Hampton Roads, and its Railroads (read) 06/09
  Railroads and Coal, Part II (read) 05/09
  High Speed Rail Fever, Part One (read) 05/09
  Bye, Bye Box Cars: Well, Not Yet! (read) 04/09
  The Track Maintenance Dilemma (read) 04/09
  What's the Fair Value for Rights-of-Way? (read) 03/09
  Railroads and Coal, Part I (read) 03/09
  RF&P's 175th Anniversary (read) 02/09
  Trucks, trucks, trucks (read) 02/09
  Can DRPT Manage Amtrak Virginia? (read) 01/09
  Introducing the Series (read) 01/09