In 2001, several of VRPI's founders prepared a Proposed Rail Plan for Virginia that included a history of rail in Virginia, an examination of the present state of rail, and specific proposals for how rail should move forward. The plan, published by VRPI's parent organization, Virginians for High Speed Rail, was the first of its kind for Virginia.   VHSR State Rail Plan 2001

After it was founded as an independent organization, VRPI published its first major policy paper, Virginia's Investment in Rail: Protecting the Public Interest, which dealt with issues arising out of public funding of rail infrastructure on privately-owned rail rights of way. This document anticipated that large investments of public funds would be appropriated annually for rail capital projects as a result of recently-passed legislation establishing a dedicated fund for this purpose (the Rail Enhancement Fund) (REF).  Virginia's Investment in Rail: Protecting the Public Interest

In 2010 VRPI published a report on the effectiveness of the Rail Advisory Board, an appointed citizens board charged with developing recommendations for allocating Rail Enhancement Funds and "identifying, developing and advocating projects and policies" for rail transportation.




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Member Publications: Articles By and About VRPI Members

Articles by and about individual VRPI Directors and Fellows appear frequently in national and statewide publications on topics of transportation and public policy. Here are a few recent publications by our members: